Karnataka Saaraswatopaasakaru

In the long literary history of Karnataka there have been many great scholars who have contributed vastly. History of Sanskrit literature portrays literary developments before the era of our struggle for freedom. However, developments in Sanskrit literature during the period of freedom struggle has not been authoritatively and comprehensively compiled. As a result, there is a possibility that this period will be treated in the future as a ‘dark age’ for Sanskrit literature. Hence, the Karnataka Samskrit University has embarked on a project to publish hundred booklets regarding the scholars who have contributed to enrichment of Sanskrit literature in the hundred years between 1850 and 1950. This project, being undertaken under the guidance and leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Mallepuram G Venkatesha, will identify scholars hailing not only from erstwhile Mysore state, but also from various other parts of Karnataka which were under other administrative divisions earlier, such as Hyderabad Karnataka, Mumbai Karnataka, and regions which belonged to Madras province. This project will contribute to the creation of Modern history of Sanskrit Literature. It will also form a cultural bridge of the past century with the current global age.

These hundred books will be published in a uniform 1/8 demy size, with a minimum of 48 and maximum of 64 pages. The books will be in simple sanskrit.

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