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What our Alumni got to say!!!………..

“A must attend for seekers looking upto our tradition and culture for answers about purpose of life. Inspiring teachers bringing years of traditional Gurukula Experience in a modern and sustainable setting to enable working population to experience Samskrit”
– Uma Subramanyam, Vedanta MA (2018-19)

I joined KSU in Sep, 2016, filled with apprehension that Samskrit would be too tough to learn and the subject matter very dry. Instead, I was mesmerised on day one by the classes and concepts covered. Each subject showed a new and vibrant world, and the professors’ thorough knowledge made the classes comprehensible and enjoyable.
– WarijaAdiga, former IT professional, MA Samskrit Shastras, KSU (2016-18))

“Scholarly teachers, accommodative mindset, thought provoking subjects, interactive discussions – A complete package”
– Hema, Vedanta MA (2018-19)

It is my dream of more than four decades that has come true in this Samskrita M A course that I am finishing now. KSU has done a commendable job by introducing this course for serious learners of Samskrita without any age bar. That our teachers are thorough scholars in various Shastras and literature surely makes it worth the efforts of everyone of us.
– S. Vaidehi, Shastra Faculty. (MA 2017-19)

Blessed by divine Guru parampara at KSU, deep passion on BharateeyaDarshanas
–Prahlad I S, Vedanta MA (2018-19)

The 2year MA course that I did in KSU was a very enriching experience. Learning Samskrit kavyas, Shasthras and Vedas from reputed scholars in Samskrit medium of instruction was a like a blessing, which has inspired me to pursue further studies at KSU.
– Hamsa, Alumni, Shastra Faculty, KSU (2016-18)