Library Overview and ILMS

The Central Library began its journey with the establishment of Sri Chamarajendra Samskrit College in 19th century which was greatly patronized by the His Highness, Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, the then King of Mysore. The mission of the University Library is to preserve and maintain ancient manuscript that have significant scientific, historical or aesthetic value and to acquire, organize and disseminate new knowledge based information resources pertaining to Sanskrit language including books, manuscripts, theses and journals to satisfy the information needs of the academic fraternity. At present, the library has the great stock of 10635 books , 11 freely subscribe journals & Ph.D & M.Phil thesis.

Academy of Sanskrit Research,Melkote Now renamed as Bhagavad Ramanuja National Research , started as early as 1980s, is a store-house of knowledge of Sanskrit collection and is a potential source in pursuit of our research works, with a preliminary focus on collection of oriental and Indological collection(primary source of Information ) of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya’s Philosophy and this has maintained an exclusive collection more than 3.000+ books of Visistadvaita work and its philosophy and other collection is concentration of Indian shastric tradtion and Ancient Indian sciences and Sanskrit Literature and Indian epics and books of Secondary information like encyclopedias and Hand books etc among this books some books are moving towards digital collection of books for preservation of oriental Indian philosophical texts for the future utility as well as successful retrieval of the same as and when needed and Library is also moving for Data base creation of library collection for OPAC based search and retrieval and completed 4100 data entry till date.

The Library has been functioning as fully automated with KOHA (version – since 2018. User friendly services are ensured to all the stakeholders and beneficiaries. Koha is a fully featured, scalable, library management system which includes catalogue, OPAC, Circulation Member Management, Serials and acquisition packages. But Bhagavad Ramanuja National Research Institute has started initiatives to install koha software in the library.

The library management systems have web-based OPACs that allow patrons to interface with the library. For example, Koha’s OPAC goes beyond merely being a search tool and enables patrons to reserve books, manage their accounts, pay library fees online, track their circulation history, and even make reviews and suggestions for new books.


Name of ILMS software : KOHA

Status of automation: Fully automated

Version :

Year of completion : 2018