Established in 2011, the Prasaranga has been serving as the medium for Publishing the research carried out of the Post grduate Departments of the Karnataka Sanskrit University and the Sanskrit Colleges/Pathashalas affiliated to it. The books belonging to different Subjects and Areas of knowledge are published by the Prasaranga. Research Paper, text , News Letters, The Journal of Karnataka Samskrit Adhyayanam, Prachyagranthamala,Translation, Science, Mathematics, Annual reports in English, Sanskrit and Kannada are being Published.

There are many areas in the which it has made distinctive name

  1. Publication of Sanskrit text books on various useful subjects for the benefit of common people.
  2. Published  books in Sanskrit/Kannada/English There are nearly 60 Titles belonging to the category.
  3. Foundation Lecture Book -1
  4. Sanskrit Grantha Puraskara Award
  5. Sanskrit Sarasvatopasakaru Books-6
  6. Prachyagrantha Anuvadamale-6
  7. History  Books-1
  8. Text-Book-19
  9. Annual Report, Newspaper clippings, Journal

Prasaranga has brought out a translation of the Manasollasa a 14th century Encyclopedia in Sanskrit fram the land and people of karnataka in 5 Volumes Publication.

Future Plan

The Publication unit is planning to publish 100 titles in various topics such as Ancient Texts and literature. Manuscriptology and criticism.


The University strives towards excellence in teaching-learning with relevant curriculum and innovative research, promoting good governance and inclusiveness by providing leadership for a knowledge society. To be in fore front, prasaranga has highquality research work with increasing impact factor.


To design and teach curriculum that is contemporary, competitive and content-rich to make students creative, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial.

Administrative Team


Dr. Govinda

Dr. Govinda has been working in the publication unit for last 10 years in various capacities such as Assistant Director,and Deputy Director He has published more than 6 books and 20 above Research Articles. He has entriched himself by attending number of workshops, seminars and conferences. Dr. Govinda. B. is a member of various committees. He has also won two awards for his contribution to the field of knowledge.

Dr. Mallana Gowda

Dr. Mallana Gowda has been working in the Publication unit for the 5years in various capacities such as Assistant Director. He has published two Books and 20 above Research Articles. He has enriched himself by attending number of workshops, seminars and conferences; Dr. Mallana Gowda.S is member of various bodies.