॥ प्रज्वालितो ज्ञानमयः प्रदीपः ॥

Karnataka Samskrit University


Announcement , Admission open for PG Diploma in Samskrit Computational Linguistics

Three month Online course (4 Credits) starting from 07th Dec 2022

12-Aug-2020, National Education Policy, Opportunities for Samskrit: A Dialogue by Sri Chamu Krishna Shastry

12-Aug-2020, National Education Policy, Opportunities for Samskrit: A Dialogue by Sri Chamu Krishna Shastry

12-17th October, A One Week programme on Excellence in Creative Teaching and Research, conducted by IQAC

08-Aug-2020, Special Lecture on अविद्याविमर्शः by Prof. Ganapati Bhat , conducted by Dept. of Vedanta

About Us

Vice Chancellor

Prof. V Girishchandra

The university was established in 2010, as a result of massive efforts of the Government of Karnataka. It is the objective of the Samskrit University to integrate our ancient knowledge with modern science & technology and social sciences. We need to look at Samskrit not just as a language, but from the scientific and philosophical points of view. Our primary focus will be on teaching and research. We need to study the history of Indian heritage through Samskrit. We need to find and light the lamps of Kannada and Samskrit culture. Samskrit should be the leader of modern Indian management and social sciences. All of us have to put in joint efforts to achieve this. I humbly request the co-operation of all Samskrit and Samskrit-Kannada scholars in this endeavour.

University at a glance

Karnataka Samskrit University has been formed exclusively for the development of Samskrit language. Samskrit has a hoary, glorious, scientific, literary, cultural tradition and heritage. Its contribution in the area of Prose, Poetry, Drama, Dance, Sculpture, Paintings, Fine arts, Medicines, Philosophy and other allied areas is far more extensive and lasting than has been realised by the Indian scholars till today..

University at a glance

The Karnataka Samskrit University was established with the vision and mission of bringing these together under a single umbrella, maintaining uniformity in education, providing greater opportunities for study for students and teachers and to raise the standards in Samskrit research at National and International level.

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