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Samskrit in the Computer world
(A way to search available information in the internet in the form of Samskrit E-texts)

Library is an indispensable part of all educational institutions, especially a university. It is a highly challenging task to create a good library, protect it, issue required books to seekers, maintain a proper documentation, etc. Because of this, an E-library becomes extremely relevant in the present age of computers.

What is E-library?
E-library is a collection of electronic texts, present in the digital form. It requires much less space and maintenance costs when compared to a normal library. In addition, there is the advantage that the same book can be used by many users at the same time.

E-library in Samskrit
Samskrit-related work in computers has been going on since the time computers were introduced to the field of language. Samskrit enthusiasts across the globe have been voluntarily keying in various Samskrit texts for self-satisfaction, as a service to Samskrit, or as a part of several projects. They can be used freely for research purposes without a profit-motive.
Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha, recognised by the Karnataka Samskrit University, has been collecting thousands of such E-texts since a long time. Based on this collection, Karnataka Samskrit University proposed to build a comprehensive E-library. This is just the first step in this direction. Such collections by various individuals/organisations, if brought together, can prove to be highly beneficial to the world of Samskrit.

Benefits of E-library:
1. Currently, the E-library contains more than 4000 files. This collection includes many invaluable texts which are not available in printed form today, related to Vedas, Upanishads, Vedangas, the fourteen Vidyasthaanas, and other ancient Indian knowledge systems. Since these texts were composed thousands of years ago, they are free from Copyright-problems.
2. It is very easy to search for the desired information in these E-texts. For eg, It is possible to find out very easily, within a short time, all the places where there is a mention of ‘Agriculture’ in a huge text such as the Mahabharata (comprising of one lakh verses).
3. It is possible to link Samskrit knowledge to other disciplines through E-library. There were many questions/objections raised before establishment of the Karnataka Samskrit University, which could be answered by this. Researchers in the field of Social sciences, Health (Ayurveda), Political sciences, Education, etc can make use of these sources for references from ancient texts to substantiate their research.

Future plans for E-library:
1. To enhance the present collection of Samskrit texts.
2. Most of the texts are currently in pdf format. To gradually prepare them to enable searching.
3. To make the e-library available in various parts of the world.
4. To increase its usage in the Samskrit field, and thereby enhance value of Samskrit research.

How to make use of the E-library?
Send an Email to the following id with request for any text/reference which you would like to have. We will help you find what you need.
Email – info.elib@gmail.com, skt.directorate@gmail.com
Phone – 080 26705596