Dr. Ramakrishna Bhat K

Complete Profile – Dr. Ramakrishna Bhat K

Dr. Ramakrishna Bhat K has studied Vyakarana Vidwath (M.A) in Sri Chamarajendra Samskrita College , Bengaluru , one of the oldest Sanskrit colleges in the country. He has been awarded Ph.D  from Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha , Tirupati for his research thesis on धर्मसूरिप्रणीतपरिभाषार्थप्रकाशिकायाः सम्पादनमध्ययनञ्च , a work on a rare unpublished manuscript.
In addition to this he has also completed B.Ed from Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan, Sringeri. He also holds a M.Phil degree from Rashtriya Samskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati.. Dr. Bhat is well equipped in various ancient Indian scripts such as Brahmi, Sharada, Grantha ,Nandinagari etc and is efficient in scripture reading also.
He is one of the disciples of Mahaamahopaadyaya Vidwan N.Ranganatha sharma. He is instrumental in creating a webpage (https://vidwannrs.in) exclusively on the works of Mahamahopadhyaya Vidwan N. Ranganatha Sharma . Dr. Bhat has written a book in Kannada namely Maharshi Yajnavalkya. In addition to this he has also edited three books namely VAKYAPADIYA BRHMA KANDA KALA AND KRIAYE, ADITYA HRIDAY, VALMIKISUKTIMANIHAR