Dr. Prabhuswamy S

Complete Profile – Dr. Prabhuswamy S

Dr. Prabhuswamy S has studied M.A. in Sanskrit in University of Mysore. He was awarded M.Phil degree from Kuvempu University, Shimoga. He was awarded Ph.D from University of Mysore, for his research thesis on “Shivatattvaratnakara: Ondu Samskrutika matthu Vaijnanika Adhyayana”. In Shastric studies, he has two Vidwat Utthama (M.A) degrees in Shakti Vishishtadvaita Vedanta and Alankara Shastra. In interdisciplinary studies, he holds P.G.Diplomas in Manuscriptology and Epigraphy. He also has degrees on Virashaiva Agama Shastra, Jyotisha and Hindi Praveena. He is very much active in extracurricular activities and has C certificate in NCC. He has edited two works – Chintamanivijaya Champu and Sankyaratnakosha and also published several research articles. He presented numerous research papers in International and national Seminars. He was awarded Shamashastri Best Book award for his work on Shivatattvaratnakara in 2018-19.